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KA5 Pro-Tekt Mouldable Shin Pads

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KA5 Pro-Tekt Mouldable Shin Pads.

165 x 100mm, are mouldable and also can be cut to size.

- Includes Carry bag + Extra Optional Padding

Notice: We do not recommend heating KA5 Pro-Tekt Shin Pads in a microwave oven due to uneven heating that can occur. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can cause loss of custom fit and/or damage to your KA5 Pro-Tekt Shin Pads. Please do not leave in hot car, near hot stove, heating appliance, etc.

Caution: We recommend KA5 Pro-Tekt Shin Pads be fitted under adult supervision. Hot water and hot shin pads can be hazardous. Do not overheat or leave in water too long. Although the shin pads have been tested, please note that even the shin pads only protect up to a certain level of play hardness, but no shin pad can provide full protection from injury. If the size of the shin pad is changed, the protection level will decrease accordingly.

KA5 Pro-Tekt Shin Pads can be easily cleaned with water.

Pickup From Football Lab Tate Street Smithfield

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